One of our main hos on the southeast coast recently interviewed a journalism professor who wrote a book about porn's effect on masculinity and a feminist sex educator in charge of a love and relationship website.

She asked them a set of questions about porn in modern society but the question that caught our eye (and the story's headline) was:

Are facials demeaning?

A facial is the end result of the gentleman porn performer releasing his orgasmic results all over his lady-friend or male-toy's face. As long as it makes it somewhere below the hair line and above the chin, a facial has been achieved.

But is the sticky goo that soon cakes around the eyebrows and in the corners of the mouth demeaning to the recipient?

Neither expert gave an inkling of “yes” or “no” in their responses and we suspect it's because it ain't that easy to answer. And why not?

Cuz the answer is in the eye of the be-spooged.

The cumshot was first born in pornography not as a way to up the ante and find a new way to make the audience believe that poor porn star is being abused.

It's simply proof that the act of sex has occurred. Internal cumshots are rare, unless of course the scene's billed as a “cream pie,” so what's a man to do when he's got a load to release for the audience to enjoy?

Shoot it all over the person he just fucked. Duh.

And of course as parts of the body were selected as depository, the face became a logical choice for several reasons, including the fact that the person can proceed to consume whatever's dripping into his or her mouth.

Kinda gross, but totally practical. Many men love to see their cum eaten and enjoyed by the other party involved.

So when does the facial move from practical porn move to degrading and demeaning sex act?

“It's only demeaning if it's unwanted,” said Porn Valley Observed writer Gram Ponante, dubbed America's Beloved Porn Journalist and attendee of more porn sets and events than we've been to church, detention and Wholefoods combined. “Simulated debasement is not debasement, even if the 'After' photo is exactly the same; whether a facial is demeaning or not depends entirely on the human being receiving it.”

“I know plenty of women in and out of the porn industry who relish a good facial, and men, too.”

Ponante recently directed his first porn film, a spoof on the classic TV show “Facts of Life” called…appropriately…”Facts of Life XXX.” And on set, Ponante noticed some key points regarding getting shot in the face with a load of semen.

“On the set of my movie an actress was indignant when the facial was not delivered on precisely the spot she designated,” he said. “'I wanted it on my forehead and you got it in my eye,' she said.”

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Men. Can't live with 'em, can't get spooged on without them.]

Sex educator, published author and AfterDarkLA's resident facial expert Jamye Waxman agrees with Ponante's initial sentiments – facials are demeaning only when when suddenly unleashed on the recipient unexpectedly especially when he or she just isn't into it.

Your skin looks great -- what have you been doing differently?

Your skin looks great — what have you been doing differently?

“If you don't know the guy and he doesn't ask, then hell yeah, I find it demeaning,” she said. “If you know him and you like it, then go for it.”

Waxman also noted that according to white tigress sex practices – Taoist exploration of the beddroom arts – semen is good for the skin and encouraged on the face.

“It tightens everything up,” she said.

So yeah. If having taught skin void of crow's feet and adult acne is demeaning then sign us up for a double.

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