In-N-Out toys with the hearts of New Yorkers. [Huffington Post]

— Reports on a new bathroom truck to keep Kogi and Nom Nom company. [Thrillist]

Actual roach coach hits the streets. [Deep End Dining]

— Starbucks announces two new drink sizes: The 128-ounce Plenta and the 2-ounce Micra. [Starbucks]

Ruth Reichl launches a new magazine, Gourmand, for “real people.” [The Daily Feast]

Michelin fires inspectors, moves toward user-generated content. [Chow]

— Stay-at-home mom arrested for feeding her kid soup made from a bouillon cube. [Chow]

— San Francisco eaterie caters to hipsters with 12-course macaron dinner. [Hedonia]

— Blogger tours across America in an Airstream trailer with avant-garde adaptations of street food. [Alinea at Home]

— Lastly, our own version. In which Kobe Bryant sues the entire city of Kobe over naming rights to kobe beef. [Squid Ink]

Update! We couldn't resist:

— McDonald's scraps composting program because food won't decompose [Grist]

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