Although it's a thoroughly fascinating place, the Petersen Automotive Museum is the kind of institution where only car junkies or families with small children are likely to return. For those in the latter group, Miracle Mile's lack of eating options can be a drag. And if you have small hungry, demanding kids in tow, it's easy to get desperate.

Until the Googie landmark Johnie's gets rescued across the street (nudge, nudge to the Sean Macphersons, Steve Arroyos, Fred Erics, et al. out there), we'll have to live with another chain-ersatz-retro-diner outlet. Johnny Rockets located in the Petersen lobby started service as of last Saturday, and on Tuesday morning, the staff was busy practicing its routine dance moves to Donna Summer's “Last Dance.” The restaurant also offers two-for-one admission with purchase or $20 or more. Anything for the kids.

Johnny Rockets at the Petersen: 6060 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles. (323) 634-0888.

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