Yesterday was National Burger Day, capping a whole month of burger celebration. This year, the day also came right after Memorial Day — one of three national holidays with a strong grill tradition. If you somehow missed the opportunity to enjoy a burger in the course of the past few days (or the whole month even), you're in the right town. We've had an ongoing love affair, from ever-popular classic stands to newer favorites. If you think about how there are probably enough burger styles to have something different for each day of the year, it's not unreasonable to say that any day can be a burger day in Los Angeles.

While we may not have invented the burger here in Southern California, we've certainly done our best to perfect it. Not for nothing has more than one homegrown establishment gained national or even international fame (see: In-N-Out). So we've compiled a few highlights from past coverage to help you figure out where to celebrate burgers, whatever day it happens to be.

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