Britny O is 18 and a dead ringer for Bettie Page, even if it looks as though she outgrew the hound’s-tooth jacket and striped slacks ensemble she wore to court today about 10 years ago. Hers was a harrowing story of how, as a 17-year-old during January and February of 2007, she’d been contacted via MySpace by fashion designer Anand Jon to spend time with him in glamorous Beverly Hills. (Jon is currently facing 24 counts of sexual assault involving nine women.) Her trip to L.A., according to Britny, ended with her passing out after Jon gave her a tumbler brimming with vodka that had possibly been spiked with GHB. The next thing Britny knew, she awoke to “the worst smell I’d ever smelled” – nothing less than Mr. Jon’s anus, which she faced as Jon shoved his penis down her throat as she lay on her back. She had begun her day by putting a skirt and spider-pattern stockings to meet Jon, with whom she’d conducted a six-day email and phone relationship.

Although she’s still a teenager, Britny looks as though she’s 25, and speaks in a languid, weary voice beyond her years. She detailed the journey she and her friend Janice Z took from Arroyo Grande in Central California, to Jon’s pleasure dome on North Palm Drive. From the start things had literally gone south. She and Janice had just missed the train to L.A., tried to chase it to nearby Guadalupe, but got lost. Finally, they drove in a borrowed truck to Jon’s apartment, arriving at night, and were treated to Thai food at Toi on Sunset Boulevard.

But then the glitz wore off as the party, which consisted of Jon, the Arroyo Grandees, Jon’s assistant Holly G, and a “flamboyant” man named BJ returned to Jon’s pad to watch a video.

“I can’t remember,” Britny replied, when asked the movie’s title, “but it was like, girls in caves.”

Britny and Janice claim that they were both molested against their will at Jon’s apartment and say they didn’t report Jon to the authorities because they were embarrassed and ashamed by what had happened. While both women were compelling witnesses under the direct examination of prosecutor Frances Young, defense attorney Anthony Brooklier chipped away at their stories during cross-examination.

Brooklier especially wanted to know why, if the two women had felt they’d been sexually assaulted, had they sought the help of the Beverly Hills Police Department only to complain about a parking ticket they’d received while parked on Jon’s street – and not to file charges against him? Moreover, once they arrived at the police station, the two quickly gave up trying to contact authorities because, they say, they found the door locked. Brooklier hammered away at Britny. When she replied that she’d only sent Jon “two or three” photos of herself prior to her ill-fated visit, Brooklier introduced into evidence 27 pages of emailed pictures – some of which showed Britny posing with her bathrobe fully open, or of her and another girl graphically kissing.

When asked to explain her refreshed memory, Britny replied, “He wanted provocative pictures. I tried.”

“You did your best,” Brooklier dryly agreed. And, when he asked Britny why she would send the lesbian kiss photo to a stranger like Jon, she replied opaquely, “I liked the way I looked in this one.”

From there Brooklier troweled on the dirt, getting Britny to admit that her Yahoo email account name was (she claimed this was a homage to the eponymous L.A. death-rock band) and wondering aloud why, if she’d been sexually assaulted by Jon, did she text message the designer 58 times the day after the alleged assault occurred? Her testimony continues tomorrow.

LA Weekly