Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made his debut on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, appearing in his newest incarnation as a transpartisan truth-teller.

Doing his best impersonation of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Villaraigosa bashed Republicans and Democrats alike. “People are tired of the gridlock, the partisanship, the polarization, the shrill debate,” he said.

That's obviously not the mayor we know. So what's his angle?

As he nears the end of his term, Villaraigosa is sounding more and more like the kind of politician who gets invited to make speeches at corporate retreats.

He talks about curtailing pension benefits and reforming education. He hangs out with Michelle Rhee. On MTP, he even chided Democrats for not leaping to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

“I'm not here to defend Democrats,” he said.

Then why are you here?

Apparently, to massage Corporate America's post-partisan G-spot in hopes of building a new career telling rich people what they want to be told.

Good luck with that.

LA Weekly