Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has held many titles during his life, from union organizer to state assembly speaker, from actor to animal rights supporter. Now he can add bicycle activist to his resume.

After he took a spill off his bike over the weekend and suffered a broken elbow, Mayor V. writes this week at the Huffington Post (his mouthpiece when he wants to give readers spin unquestioned by journalists) that he's on-board with this whole pedal-power thing:

The City's landscape, climate, and neighborhoods offer a cyclist's paradise. Biking in Los Angeles should be a natural … Unfortunately most of our City was built with cars in mind. It's time to recognize that bicycles also belong on L.A.'s streets.

Villaraigosa also tweeted, “I hope my accident reminds people that LA's streets belong to bikes too.”

As we reported previously, the Los Angeles Police Department has made some headway — often with two steps forward and one step back — in recognizing bike-riders' rights.

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