Tuesday Night's main event was such a producer's nightmare I almost* wanted to volunteer to help. Due to a major communication breakdown, the headsetted flacks had opened the doors to the masses before seating had been assigned. Thus, ambitious nobodies could assert their right to sit  front and center among the mostly C and D listers until they were shipped back to Siberia. Interestingly, the fascist fashion hierarchy is apparently so iron-clad that most of the folks who knew they were nobodies humbly filed into the back rows. Yours truly, of course, sat front row near Angela Bassett and Diana Ross' daughter, Chudney, who was being photographed every five seconds.

Being right up front was a good thing, because there was a lot to see.  The above pic is a relatively modest ensemble from a collection that reveled in bare breasts and butt cheeks. There was one pair of shorts that literally consisted of pockets hanging off a denim thong. “If only girls would actually wear that,” said Andrew Gallery, a denim designer and video director who was like a walking issue of Us magazine. “That's Brandon Phillips, he's famous for being a billionaire…and that's the girl who won the first America's Next Top Model, with Peter Brady. They're going out, and they have some new trainwreck reality show.”

Here's Andrew with a girl who is neither Paris Hilton nor Kimberly Stewart, but Alex Petrou. I wouldn't call Antik's clothes high fashion – they're high-end denim, encrusted with crystals and intricately embroidered and distressed – but they know how to put on a show. The girls stomped down the runway, wild manes of hair cascading down their backs, and the guys, some of whom had been adorned with beautiful feather mohawks, just seemed happy to be there. The vague cowboys and Indians theme was especially apparent in pieces like these red leather stars and stripes chaps (buttless, as if you didn't know that). For the grand finale, a tribe of painted savages rolled out a mechanical bull, which a young hottie in the teeniest of tops then rode like an expert. “Paid. In. Full.” pronounded Andrew. Backstage, the model revealed that she acquired her skills at Union Cattle Company on Hermosa. Field trip, anyone?

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