Though its constituent parts have continued to bless us with their solo forays into left-field beats, textures and raps, it's been over four years since Oakland's Restiform Bodies crew has played L.A. intact. The reunited trio — percussionist Bomarr, expert-in-ethereal Telephone Jim Jesus, and songbird/rapper Passage — appears at the Echo tonight in support of its just-released third album and Anticon Records debut, TV Loves You Back. Restiform was, in fact, the first outside act signed to the Anticon cooperative back in 2001 (for more on the label's history, check out this week's feature, “The Year That Anticon Became A Label”), but the group went on hiatus, instead releasing a series of increasingly strong solo efforts (see TJJ's Anywhere Out Of The Everything, Passage's The Forcefield Kids, and Bomarr's Freedom From Fightened Air). The new record is a squirming pile of their various obsessions that plays as a sometimes frightening, sometimes gorgeous po-mo mashup of new wave, dirty south and ambient styles. Check out Passage's Cronenberg-like lyrical hallucinations in person tonight, or get a glimpse below:

Restiform Bodies performing “Reagan's Chest” in Paris, 2004

— Chris Martins

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