As the Dublab radio collective approaches ten years of exceptional service to this city's music-loving denizens, things only seem to be heating up. First the announcement that '70s folkie Linda Perhacs will be performing at Redcat in honor of Dublab's imminent anniversary, and now this direct from Anticon label manager Shaun Koplow: In honor of his label and the 'Lab's just-announced collaboration (read on), the two good-art entities are teaming up to throw one helluva show. The exact date's not yet confirmed, but the lineup for the pending September event is: Hecuba, Lucky Dragons, Julia Holter of Human Ear Music, and matthewdavid, supported by Dublab and Anticon DJs, at the Eagle Rock Center For The Arts. Considering the venue, an art exhibition is being planned as well. Perhaps Lucky Dragons' design wing Sumi Ink Club, which recently created a T-shirt for Koplow's label, will have something to contribute.

Now for the back-story. For a handful of months now, Koplow (as DJ Sodapop) and Dublab associate matthewdavid have been hosting a weekly event, Calling All Kids, at the Hyperion Tavern, but until a couple of weeks ago, the organizations behind the men hadn't officially collaborated. Turns out Anticon is taking over Dublab's In The Loop vinyl series, the first four volumes of which were hosted by Plug Research. In The Loop 5 is due out August 25 and features music from all four of the aforementioned local performers alongside a few out-of-towners, including NYC's Teengirl Fantasy. Download the band's contribution to the release below.

Teengirl Fantasy – “Portofino” (MP3)

Album art and track list for In The Loop 5 (Anticon):

01.The Ruby Suns – “Kenya Dig It?”

02.Teengirl Fantasy – “Portofino”

03. Hecuba – “Miles Away” [also on the band's Manimal Vinyl release, Paradise]

04. Zackey Force Funk – “Bombs”

05. Lucky Dragons – “Are We Alright?”

06. Matthewdavid & O.B.A. – “Roomthumpr”

07. Julia Holter – “Moto Perpetuo”

08. White Rainbow – “Mind Haze Is Clear Delight”

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