L.A. blogger Andrew Breitbart today blew the shirt off of Weinergate, revealing a few more racy photos of the U.S. representative, ones he allegedly tried to use to woo women.

This as Anthony Weiner of New York admitted in a Monday afternoon news conference that he sent a woman a photo of his underpants-covered boner — the picture that set off the controversy.

He originally claimed his Twitter account had been hacked and someone else had sent the pic to a woman in Seattle.

The rep admitted to inappropriate communication with women he met online, mostly on Facebook. (And note here, guys, that it's Facebook, not Bonerbook).

He said “I am deeply regretting what I have done and I am not resigning.”

Boing: I voted for health care.

Boing: I voted for health care.

Weiner apologized to his wife and family, however.

He said the photo was sent as “a joke,” but his conference was airing as more such jokes appeared to emerge via Breitbart, who wrote that the pics were posted on a Yahoo profile linked to an email address that the blogger says was used by Weiner.

One awesome pic uncovered by Breitbart appears to show the rep posing shirtless, a la Christopher Lee, with a framed photo of Weiner with President Bill Clinton in the background.

Way to woo the ladies. (Clinton is probably biting his lip and giving Weiner the thumbs-up as we speak).

Which leads us too: Tips for pervs:

-When trolling for “strange” online don't use your real photo.

-Maybe use charm instead of boner shots. (Ladies don't really like boner shots, honestly).

-When your last name is Weiner, try to avoid dick-based controversies.

-And, most important, maybe don't troll for strange when you're a married U.S. rep.

Added: Weiner said he had inappropriate online communication with six women.

Breitbart, meanwhile, claimed Monday he had one shot of Weiner so that was so “beyond vulgar” that he could not publish it.

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