Rep. Anthony Weiner is in “treatment” to be “a better husband” and essentially learn how not to be a despicable douchebag with a pregnant wife and no game. This decision was made and announced following the unearthing of a slew of embarrassing Facebook messages between The Weiner and several young women.

These posts and pokes all were attempts at flirtation and whether or not they actually led to greater things is unknown and, quite frankly, not on our list of things to learn ever.

Now we're not sure what kind of message this might be sending to the rest of the married male population, but it appears gentlemen who've already put a ring on it are taking to their Facebook pages to pursue extracurricular hotties.

We received a Facebook message from a man with which we have one friend in common:

I don't know you but I saw you om [FRIEND]'s page and I think you have one of the best FB profile pics I've ever seen.

Yeah, he immediately impressed us with the typo. But hey, we're not gonna toss aside a free compliment.

We thanked him.

The next day we received a follow-up:

My pleasure. It's quite alarmingly sexy. Your tattoos are real, I presume?

Hm. Who the hell is this guy? And what kind of buffoon thinks we spend hours each morning painting on these technicolor skin adornments?

We write, “Of course they are.”

And then we check his profile. He's married. To what appears to be a beautiful and friendly woman.


We soon receive a response:

Hello Barbie! I hope I didn't come across as too lascivious in praise of your photo

Well as a matter of fact, he did. Had he been single, it would've been a-OK and game on. But he's not, and not only was there no attempt to disguise his marital status, it was cheerily and boldly posted in as many places as Facebook would allow.

Our response:

A bit, yes, but I take it you won't continue with that kind of praise seeing as though you're hitched.

And within minutes we receive a defeated, “I guess not.”

It's safe to assume that being lascivious was entirely his goal, which simply grosses us out for several reasons:

  1. What about us gives the impression that we're in the business of home-wrecking?
  2. Who in her right mind would want to e-flirt with someone whose wife's face greets her each time she clicks on his Facebook page?
  3. And this idiot didn't even take precautions to protect himself should we want to alert his better half that we'd just received the beginnings of a sexual text conversation.

It appears that people – celebutards, politicians and regular folk alike – forget how trackable their eActions are.

The Internet is a wonderful place to access all kinds of sexy people, send all kinds of sexts and video clips, and even eFuck. But each move leaves a trail of eBreadcrumbs that your boss, significant other and/or parents will ultimately find.

Because, as we've previously advised:

The Internet is a wondrous place full of naughty nooks and carnal crannies, and one swift click of a mouse can be his or her best revenge and the bane of your existence. Don't risk ruining your life – think before you press “Send.”

So gentlemen – the married ones in particular – use common sense. If you feel like straying from your legally documented herd, fine. But don't think you'll get away with it unscathed.

Your wives/girlfriends aren't stupid, and chances are if they're in a relationship with you they're just as unhappy – so watch where you post your photos. Theirs might be there, too.

LA Weekly