If photos of Anthony Weiner's legislative action aren't enough to satiate your imagination, a company is taking orders for action figures based on the disgraced New York Democrat.

There are two to choose from: A “stealth body” that's definitely not anatomically correct (but which is child-safe) and the “adult only” version that puts some of the photos Weiner tweeted to some of the half-dozen women he sexted with in 3D context.

Emil Vicale, president of the Weiner doll-maker Herobuilders, says:

… It just seemed like everyone was calling about it, so we went ahead and did it as soon as we could.

They call this 'action?'

They call this 'action?'

He tells the Daily Caller that this is part of the company's line of “political action figures.”

Given all the press about Weiner's sexual communication and nude photos (sparked by L.A. blogger Andrew Breitbart's original revelations) and a lack of focus on the real issues, shouldn't they be called political inaction figures?

Unfortunately the dolls are supposed to ship June 20, which won't be in time for Father's Day. Sorry, Tom Cruise. (We kid).


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