Looks like Anthony Weiner was tapping into a fertile new frontier.

Turns out most of the sexters out there aren't pervs in congress. Rather they're … women. So says a study from the journal Sexuality & Culture, which is put together out of Cal State Long Beach.

After surveying 5,187 adults, researchers Diane Kholos Wysocki of the University of Nebraska and Cheryl Childers of Kansas' Washburn University found, according to a statement summarizing the research, that …

Women were more likely than men to engage in sexting behaviors.

And …

Over two-thirds of the respondents had cheated online while in a serious relationship.

The biggest cheaters, both online and off? “Older men.” Ah, that's where you come in, Weiner. Eh?

The biggest surprise of “Let My Fingers Do the Talking: Sexting and Infidelity in Cyberspace” was that sexters were online to find real partners … offline. Even the women who represented the sexting masses.

The authors state:

… People continue to be more interested in real-life partners, rather than online partners. It seems that, at some point in a relationship, we need the physical, face-to-face contact.

Except for the happily married father-to-be Anthony Weiner.


LA Weekly