Anthony Smith, a former L.A. Raiders defensive end, was charged with murder, the District Attorney's office announced today.

The 43-year-old from Fontana was charged along with two “associates,” 41-year-old Charles Eric Honest and 32-year-old Dewann Wesley White, in the October, 2008 murder of Maurilio Ponce.

The motive for the alleged crime?

Not sure: If the D.A.'s office knows it ain't sayin' for now. Perhaps we'll have to wait for trial, if there is one.

Smith and White were expected to be in court today for arraignment. The former player's bail was set at $1 million. White got a recommended $1.05 million bail amount. Honest, who was looking at $1 million bail too, was in court yesterday and had arraignment put off until Marcy 17.

The victim, according to a D.A.'s statement, “… was beaten and shot several times before his body was dumped near the Antelope Valley poppy fields about 11 miles west of Lancaster.”

Smith played for the Raiders

Smith played professional football with the Raiders from 1991 to 1998 — after they moved back to Oakland. He was drafted 11th by the team in 1990, according to his Wikipedia page.

He lived in Marina Del Rey at the time of the alleged homicide. Authorities picked him up earlier this week. He lives in Fontana.

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