Today Andrew Berardini returns to our print edition with a story that ties together two seemingly different shows — Anthony Lepore's “New Wilderness” show at Francois Ghebaly and M+B and Mark Hagen's “TBA” at China Art Objects Galleries — as both examine nature in vastly different ways.

He manages to make talk of landscapes entertaining, what with references to The Simpsons and Werner Herzog, and articulates how Lepore, especially, has a new take on landscape photography. I'll let Andrew explain:

The landscape has become less a document of whatever scene, and more a document of how we place ourselves in relationship to it: We're looking at ourselves looking at nature. In a remarkable exhibition at a duo of galleries, François Ghebaly on La Cienega and M+B in West Hollywood, artist Anthony Lepore photographs visitor centers at national and state parks. While the photographs at first appear to be of nature itself, Lepore uses some subtle element in the photograph to reveal that the natural scene is actually fake — merely a depiction of the centers' educational interior decorating.

Read the full story here: “Natural History: Anthony Lepore and Mark Hagen”

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