Last week during Anthony Bourdain's Reddit Q&A, when someone asked him why he decided to do The Taste, he responded “I liked the idea that it was the most unlikely thing I could do.” At the time I thought, “hmmm … not really the most unlikely thing you could do.” And now that point has been proven — because Bourdain has gone and done the actual most unlikely thing he could do, and that is partake in one of Cosmo's ways-to-please-your-man articles.

Yep, that's right, Bourdain is giving out “dating advice” in Cosmo. The article is actually called “The Sexiest Thing You Can Do On A Date.” And while the advice he gives is less offensive than some of what you'll find in Cosmo, and goes along the lines of “A perfect date is with a person who eats without fear, prejudice, or concerns about his or her appearance,” and “It's also wildly exciting to be open to the unfamiliar, because it just might be delicious,” it eventually devolves into a list of “Tony's Sexiest Foods (and Why They're Turn-Ons).” No really.

So congrats, Tony. You have shocked us. You may now proceed to move to Tampa, become wildly obese, take an endorsement deal from I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! and run as a Republican for the Florida governorship.

[H/T The Braiser]

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