If nothing else Obama's candidacy is at least inspiring people to make music. Alas, for the most part the songs haven't been very good. Will.i.am's mess of a song can't be saved by snippets of Scarlett Johansson, and the Daedalus track posted yesterday… Well, that's not going to sway any delegates.

So may I direct your attention to the MySpace page for Blacks in the White House www.myspace.com/blacksinthewhitehouse where you can buy “the most controversial song on MySpace for $3.” But you can listen for free.

The track is “Blacks in the White House,” the artist is Charle$ N.Charge – who is by the way a Fed – he works for the T.S.A. – and it's a damned good track. Give it a listen.

I'm sure there are plenty of Ron Paul songs out there too, but if there's funny pro-Hillary or Romney stuff out there that's better than what Rush plays, let me know. We like both kinds of music here: Country and Western.

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