There's so much uproar about sewage flowing on the streets of Venice you'd think it was a Third World slum. Another poop alert was issued over the weekend when an RV operator was spotted dumping its tank on Venice Boulevard near Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

What really got some people up in arms of this latest alleged dumping was that the RV involved had dumped before, at least according to Marta Evry, a community organizer who emailed the Weekly.

In fact, Evry said, the operator was supposed to have a warrant for a previous dumping but was let go by police that stopped the RV following the Friday night incident.

There's more to the story, of course. RV critics say the campers are essentially homeless folks who bring down the quality of life in Venice by camping out, dumping sewage and, in some cases, doing and dealing drugs.

Every time an RV operator dumps his doody in Venice, the critics shout that it's high time to kick the rig dwellers out. (They've supported residential parking permits, shot down by the California Coastal Commission, and oversize parking restrictions over night,which have been given tentative approval).

Defenders say the “mobile homeless” are a welcome part of the beach community's bohemian spirit and tend to paint critics as the the forces of gentrification.

Details of this latest crappy situation are posted on the forum at Yo! Venice!

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