Great story from Eastsider LA, combining freakishness, gore and bureaucratic lethargy.

A dog walker was on the Corralitas Red Car trail when he saw an object that turned out to be something that resembled … a stomach. The Eastsider reports the guy didn't think it appeared to be human.

But there's been a series of incidents recently of animal remains found in nearby Elysian Park. So the dog walker thought maybe someone at the city should have a look.

Rosiejka, who was walking two dogs at the time, said he began making calls after 3 P.M. His first call was transferred to an Animal Services office that had been closed because of budget cuts; another operator informed him that an LAPD unit could be summoned but he would have to wait an indefinite period of time to show the officers where the organ was located (Rosieka had other dogs to walk that day and could not wait around); another call was rerouted to an animal shelter, where an employee told Rosiejka they could not take care of sick animals. “It isn't sick,” Rosiejka told the employee. “It's a stomach in the middle of the trail.”

The employee then suggested the stomach might have been left over from an animal attack. But Rosiejka noted that the organ didn't appear to be mangled and there were no other animal remains nearby. The response from the other end of the phone: “Oh, well I can't do anything about that.”

For sure the best line: “It isn't sick. It's a stomach in the middle of the trail.”

The definitely NSFW photo.

When budget season comes around, and the city needs to prioritize, perhaps, “Inspecting stomachs on walking trails” should be low on the list of things to cut.

LA Weekly