Anyone who has felt the stinging humiliation of losing a job should read Annabelle Gurwitch's 2006 Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, & Dismissed, which was later turned into a documentary. In it, Gurwitch recalls getting axed from a role in an off-Broadway play by her idol, Woody Allen; she goes on to share her story with other artists and famous folk – Judd Apatow, Bill Maher, Harry Shearer, Bob Saget, Patricia Heaton, Illeana Douglas, Sandra Tsing Loh – who've also gotten the boot. Gurwitch followed that up with You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story, co-written with her husband, Jeff Kahn. The actress and former TV host talks about her latest life-changing milestone in her new book, I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities and Survival Stories From the Edge of 50. On the cusp of her 50s and receiving mail from AARP, she contemplates entering her “Eileen Fisher years” in wry, funny chapters that start off “Dear God, Please let me still be fuckable at 50,” or “Please God, Don't let me blow my entire 401(k) on expensive moisturizers.” As part of Live Talks Los Angeles, Gurwitch sits down with Emmy-nominated Malcolm in the Middle actress Jane Kaczmarek, who's also not 49. Together they'll enlighten you on another rude awakening: 50 is not the new 40. It's 50. New Roads School, Ann & Jerry Moss Theater, 3131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica; Tuesday, March 25, reception 6:30 p.m., discussion 8 p.m.; $20-$95.

Tue., March 25, 8 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 03/25/14)

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