In January 2022, a collective of young creatives and crypto enthusiasts initiated a new disruptive fashion brand: the ANKH project was born. Carrying fashion’s digital transformation, ANKH shapes its innovative vocabulary with a clothing line set in and for the Metaverse.

Who are they?

In the past, the fashion industry has been reluctant to embrace technology. But the digital revolution has well begun and the Metaverse is transforming fashion practices. ANKH are thus the troublemakers reinventing a future that has already been activated. Busy unmaking the world and seeking to disrupt downtown culture and play an integral part in its constant regeneration, ANKH has chosen to redefine the system to tell their own fashion story. The Internet has no rules, and they are leading the way for the Meta generation.

ANKH concept:

Does being future-oriented suggest we reject the past? Of course not. ANKH is inspired by the flair of a 90’s kid mixed with the bohemian cool of the 70s and the nostalgia of Y2K aesthetics. Our aim is to remodel the way we understand design and the digital world to create a new sphere in which our cyber clothing will help cultivate our virtual identities and self-expressions. Craftsmanship and technology needn’t be opposed. To make fashion for the Metaverse is to bring the mastery of creation in the service of the digital world.

ANKH is the symbol of life and renewal. An ancient Egyptian hierographic motif in the shape of a loop atop a cross, ankh represented physical existence and afterlife. Mystical and magical, it resonates with our concept’s singularity: to implant a fashion identity in a substantial environment and prolong it within our virtual surroundings. An expansion of our selves, here and there.

ANKH fashion project:

ANKH is a new generation fashion brand issued in the Metaverse that redefines the way we use and design clothing in a digital environment. Their first collection, “Genesis”, a selection of Menswear and Unisex silhouettes is completely executed in 3D. Digitalization enables them to break physical limitations and freely explore materials, cuts as well as textures. Our online experiences have never evolved so quickly. But how do our virtual avatars define themselves? How do we dress in the Metaverse? Clothes are extensions of ourselves while our online identities are continuations of our existences. As the perimeter between reality and virtual soften, we now can fully give character to our digital expressions, should they reflect our reality or an inventive metamorphosis.

ANKH is born on the blockchain to ensure authenticity, ownership, and grant access to new digital experiences. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to break barriers and exalt creativity. By redefining the codes of fashion, we are choosing to bring inspiration and vision into the future.

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