If you, like many many people in this town, have been lining up to eat a last meal at Evan Kleiman's Angeli Caffe, which is closing its Melrose Avenue doors after 27 years, you'll be all too aware that the last service is Friday night. You will also know that the place has been booked solid. Last night there were people walking in to try for a seat, waiting patiently near the door and sipping from glasses of wine like it was a reunion party, which in effect it was.

Kleiman, who took a necessary night off last night, emailed to confirm that indeed tomorrow is the final night but that they're going to do a late turn and are now taking reservations for a 9:30-10 p.m. service both tonight and tomorrow. “Then we'll close up like normal. We then start packing everything up over the weekend.” So give Angeli a call and see if you can get a table. If not, maybe show up anyway and get a glass of wine. Order a plate of gnocchi. Sign the book at the door. Order a pizza to go and enjoy the smell of the bread coming out of the oven and the packed house and the final days of a Los Angeles institution.

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