As the nation came together to determine the course of our nation for the next four years, some Angelenos headed to their designated polling place looking to do a little “polling” of their own, if you know what we mean (we mean having sex).

Missed Connections lit up as woeful would-be suitors attempted to catch the online eye of those they couldn't quite make a connection with at the polling station. We guess there's nothing like punching some holes in paper to really get some motors running.

Some of our favorite Election Day Missed Connections, after the jump.

In Atwater Village, this man regretted not pursuing a May-December romance with the comely young thing next to him in the booths. Guess he'll have to content himself with “pulling his own lever” if you know what we mean (we mean he'll masturbate).

Studio City saw two strangers passing in the night as they both fulfilled their civic duty. But one of them wished they could have perhaps engaged in some “exit polling,” if you know what we mean (again, that they'd have sex).

In Marina del Ray, a recent transplant wished she had made the first move on a guitar teacher at the polling station. Perhaps she wanted to do a little “caucusing” of her own if you know what we mean (these all mean sex, you get that right?).

In downtown, this fellow thinks he spotted a fellow resident of his apartment building at the polls. Perhaps he wanted to talk further about “degenerated workers' state” if you know what we mean (once again, we mean — uh, actually we have no idea what this one means).

Of course, this is just the cute, somewhat sweet world of Missed Connections. Meanwhile, over in Casual Encounters it's just utter hedonistic anarchy.

Stay safe out there, people.

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