Andrew W.K. has just high-kicked and air-punched his way into the holiday music canon with his brain melting rendition of “Silent Night.” The singer/artist/multimedia madman stopped by the Onion's A.V. Club to provide his crazed take on the holiday classic. Ever wondered how your acid-fried uncle who is “out” on “work-release” would sing about little baby Jesus? It may look something like this:

Andrew W.K. covers “Silent Night”

Sure to be a new holiday classic. Imagine families lighting up the tree, gathering around the fire, and altogether belting “Silent Night” in their most crazed Andrew W.K. impression. Fun for the whole family. My personal favorite portion in the video is where he gets all free jazz on the piano, exploring the myriad sounds hidden in an oversized keyboard. At one point, I think he even barfs a little, which, of course, is totally awesome.

AWK apparently performed a few different versions of the song, including this one with Rodney, the mailman:

Andrew W.K. and Rodney The Mailman cover “Silent Night”

Which do you like better?

LA Weekly