Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Shock Jock. Fashion designer Andrew Christian — known for creating body-enhancing underwear, jock straps and other underthings — has released a line of undies for men made to hold a specially designed cod piece.

Oh, excuse me. It's called Active Shaping Technology. Whatever. It's a cock-and-balls set carefully compacted together, snuggling within whatever cotton and/or spandex holster the dude happens to be sporting.

SIDENOTE: Christian also is famous for his reality show roles on design competitions such as Bravo's “The Fashion Show.” He's what the kids these days call a “hottie.”

You can get thongs, boxer briefs and bikini briefs with the bulge booster, which apparently increases the extension of your junk by almost two inches. Good luck yanking your skinny jeans over that…it's going to be a tight fit.

But I commend Christian for, among other things, his acknowledgment that men have every reason to want a bit of a penile upgrade in certain situations where that extra two inches could go a long way.

Like when you're go-go dancing at The Abbey in West Hollywood. Or casually lounging in your skivvies with the windows open to “relax” and hope someone walks by and gets a boner.

Plus, it's only fair. We women have had the Camel Tame for months now.

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