Andrew Breitbart will co-host a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee next month at the Beverly Wilshire, TalkingPointsMemo reports. The conservative provocateur had a wild ride last week, posting video of Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod seeming to say she favored black over white farmers. This rocketed Breitbart right to where he likes to be, in the spotlight. The video got play on Fox News, and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack fired the woman. But the video had been edited; the clip was part of a longer story about her overcoming prejudice and helping white farmers. Oops. Sorry.

We predicted last week that despite this significant journalistic error, Breitbart, who is based here in Santa Monica, would remain an important figure in the conservative movement and in the national political conversation generally. Right again!

Breitbart has reacted to the imbroglio exactly as expected, by going on the attack. And now he gets to headline a fundraiser for the RNC, a bit odd for a media figure to be helping a party raise money, but Breitbart has always lived by his own rules, clearly.

No word on whether there'll be a trip to Voyeur after the event.

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