Fifty-year-old Andrea Perry was running a major family operation out of her two-story Palmdale home, perched on a nice quiet stretch of Desert Holly Lane, before her brutal murder last weekend. Fox11 reports that Perry had six kids, from one to 14 years old — two of whom she adopted — and likewise took care of her elderly mother.

The full-time mom also had a boyfriend, identified by KTLA only as Kenneth. When her kids discovered her dead body, draped in a blanket, upon entering her bedroom Sunday morning, Kenneth was nowhere to be found —

Though the kids remember him being there when they went to sleep. Via KTLA:

Perry's children said Kenneth was at their house when they went to bed Saturday night. They said he parks in the garage, and they never heard his car pull out.

Kenneth told KTLA that he left at 11 p.m. on Saturday.

Police are now trying to find Kenneth for questioning.

LAPD investigators are staying open-minded about other possible leads, but Kenneth's sudden absence makes him a prime suspect for the murder.

By all accounts, Perry will be sorely missed by the large circle of loved ones she leaves behind. Fox11 reporters spoke with friends and family at the scene:

Neighbor Brett Kepner said he saw Perry's daughter after she discovered her mother's body. “Nine o'clock in the morning you don't see a 13-year-old girl in her front yard crying and upset,” Kepner said.

The victim's brother, Lowell Perry, said “She was the glue to the family. When we would get out of touch with each other, she was the one who brought everybody back together.”

One of her daughters, 14-year-old Janaye Perry, added to KTLA:

“My mother was a strong person. Even though she couldn't do everything for us, she did what she thought we needed.”

Mom of Six Fatally Stabbed in Palmdale:


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