Anderson Valley Brewing Company out of Northern California has been on the craft scene for more than 27 years. They've managed to stay relevant by continually pushing the envelope with exciting offerings marked by inventive fusions of flavor and style. Now they've dropped the latest addition in that long line of innovation: Blood Orange Gose.

For the uninitiated, Gose (pronounced 'goes-uh') is a lesser-known style of unfiltered wheat beer originating in Leipzig, Germany. Cloudy in body, tart in flavor, and often characterized by a punch of saltiness, it's no wonder this outlying genre has struggled to establish mainstream appeal. But a combination of increasingly curious craft enthusiasts and a fresh, playful approach by American brewers has helped spawn a modern Gose revival.


Witness Anderson Valley's newest entry. It marries the tangy citrus of blood orange with the clove and salt notes more typical to the style. The result is a beer far friendlier to most palates. With a session able alcohol by volume of 4.2 percent, Blood Orange Gose provides for a comfortable afternoon of level-headed sipping. Its distinctive food-friendly flavors also lend themselves to some obvious pairings: bright greens—think arugula and radicchio—topped with citrus vinaigrettes and goat cheeses, or grilled chicken or fish marinated with lemony zest.

The brand-spanking-new release is on Los Angeles shelves as of now. Look for it at Whole Foods, BevMo, Total Wine and independent retailers throughout the city. Twelve ounce cans are set to retail at $10.99 for a six-pack. 

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