Today lawyers for fashion designer Anand Jon sought to overturn his sexual assault verdicts and win a new trial, citing a bizarre incident that occurred during the trial that ended in his conviction last November. Although the defense attorneys' motions are under seal, they refer to an event in which one of the jurors contacted Jon's sister, Sanjana, to discuss the case. She arranged a meeting, whose time and location were passed on to the District Attorney's office by Jon's lawyers — who informed prosecutors that Sanjana would be wearing a wire to secretly record the conversation. However, just as Juror Number 12 approached the door to a Starbucks, where the meeting was to be held, D.A. investigators intercepted the juror and prevented him from entering the coffee shop.

Separate and unconnected with this incident, Jon's defense team has filed a motion accusing prosecutors of twice threatening defense attorney Eric Chase during the trial — once with arrest and, at another point, with disbarment. Judge David Wesley has set April 1 for a  new hearing on these matters, at which time Juror Number 12 could be called to answer questions before the court.

Longer story to follow later today.

LA Weekly