Alvin Dymally, the juror whose rogue conduct both before and after the Anand Jon trial seemingly threatened to upend Jon's November, 2008 conviction, has received his contempt of court punishment. L.A. Superior Court Judge David Wesley, who had presided over the fashion designer's sexual assault trial and a long, post-trial period of challenges to the verdict, ordered Dymally to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 120 hours of community service.

According to City News Service, Wesley told a contrite Dymally, “The taxpayers of this county lost a lot of money because of your

actions . . . I don't think it was malicious or evil … I think it was an ill-

considered act on your part.”

After Jon's verdict it came to light that Dymally had contacted the

defendant's sister, Sanjana Alexander, both before jury deliberations

began and after the trial ended. Dymally's first contacts were a

violation of Judge Wesley's ongoing instructions to jurors warning them

against unauthorized personal contacts. At first Dymally denied he'd reached out to Alexander — either for romantic reasons or to help the defense, but a secret recording made by Alexander of a phone call to Dymally then forced the juror to take the Fifth Amendment in subsequent hearings. In July Wesley cited both Dymally and Alexander for contempt. According to Associated Press, Sanjana Alexander's contempt hearing is scheduled for Friday.

LA Weekly