Criminal Courts Building, Department 102, 9:16 a.m.

Judge David Wesley has taken the bench. Everyone seems to be here except Anand Jon. Jon's sister, Sanjana, is wearing  a long, scarf-like wrap that is pale-green — will her brother be wearing a green tie? During the trial his ties matched her wraps. At the last hearing he wore the orange shirt and trousers of a county jail inmate. He was also  handcuffed.

Richard Doyle, head of the D.A.'s special prosecutions division, has arrived. There seems to be a rep from the state Attorney General's office present and word has spread that there will be no sentencing today — only a motion to recuse the D.A.'s office.

Confirmed: Deputy Attorney General Steven Matthews is here to represent the AG.

Jon has just arrived in a suit — and light green tie.

Judge Wesley: He's not going to proceed on the defense's motion for a retrial. Judge has not listened to the tape of an interview of Juror No. 12, conducted by defense lawyers. The juror had attempted to meet with Jon's sister, Sanjana, after the trial, but investigators from the D.A.'s office ultimately blocked that meeting from happening. The defense is seeking to have a new trial with the D.A.'s office recused from the case and replaced by counsel from the California Attorney General's office.

Testimony is about to begin, with trial co-prosecutor Mara McIlvain just sworn in to explain her role in the events surrounding Juror No. 12's attempt to speak to Sanjana. Judge Wesley has ordered all potential witnesses to leave the room, including Sanjana and some of the defense's support staff — and Richard Doyle.

Anand Jon will not be sentenced today. More to follow.

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