This, dear readers, is what we call a clusterfuck. (See also: “Double Hit-And-Run Leads To Beating Of Driver Who Actually Stopped To Help Another Victim He Hit In Hawthorne.”)

Last night at about 2 a.m., better known by cops as DUI prime time, a 28-year-old Anaheim man was driving his pick-up down Haster Street, Garden Grove police told City News Service.

Probably having to do with the fact that his headlights were off (of course), the man managed to crash into three parked vehicles before turning onto Orangewood Avenue, where the real action went down:

A cop car — with its emergency lights still going crazy, mind you — was performing an arrest on Orangewood, just past the intersection. Officers had just pulled over a 42-year-old Anaheim man for drunk driving, and detained him in the back of the cop car, when BAM!

The genius in the 1994 Ford F150 slammed into the back of the patrol vehicle. So totally screwed at that point that he apparently felt like he had nothing to lose, the young man — broken nose, bleeding face and all — tried to run away into the night.

He obviously didn't get far. And as for the other (alleged) drunkard inside the crunched cop car, he escaped jail momentarily for a trip to Garden Grove Medical Center.

Anaheim police have now stepped in to help Garden Grove police with the multiple hit-and-run investigation, so ridiculous was the clusterfucker's trail of destruction.

Just another night on the job for our Orange County heroes.


LA Weekly