Ever feel like you should teach yourself how to cook an adult-person meal but you’d rather just chill out and watch comedy YouTube videos? Now you can do both.

In their hybrid sitcom/cooking show, Eat Our Feelings, Brooklyn-based writer-actor-server Sasha Winters and writer–vegan chef Emma Jane Gonzalez serve up sassy, gourmet how-to cooking videos, sandwiched between comedic scripted situations that lead the girls to whip up the dish in question.


In their episode “Sandwich Time,” for example, they observe a successful grilled-cheese sandwich peddler in the park and decide to concoct a superior concoction of lacto/carb gooey goodness.

Step by step, they show you how to cook your own goat cheese sandwich with lemon garlic, tomato and avocado. Then it’s back to the park to sell their wares.

“We want to make cooking fun and approachable and show that you don’t have to have your life together to put a really good meal together,” Winters says. The duo and their team have produced two episodes thus far and raised $15,000 from fans to fund the next five.

Episodes run about 12 minutes; while this may seem like The Lord of the Rings director’s cut of web series, these ladies’ dry wit, affable banter and savory subject matter make each episode speed by, especially if you’re watching while simmering your own cilantro parsley pistachio pesto (see episode two).

Eat Our Feelings at EatOurFeelings.com. Check out Stephanie’s full interview with Emma Jane Gonzalez and Sasha Winters on her blog, TangledWebWeWatch.com.

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