Exponents and neatly divisible numbers feel good in a practically Pythagorean and spiritual kind of way. At least Vermont restaurant and lounge must think so, since it's organizing a night of events around this theme tonight, i.e. 9/9/9.

The $9.99 specials include the rehabbed lounge's new cocktails, like the Bitter Redhead (Aviation Gin, sweetened Meyer lemon juice, aperol) and Velvet Mule (Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry vodka, berries, framboise and ginger brandy). Small plates by executive chef Stephane Beaucamp are also available at the featured price, such as Manchego stuffed risotto balls; crab cake soufflés with corn sauce; grilled cheese finger sandwiches with pears, mascarpone, blue cheese; truffled deviled eggs; and nine layer chocolate and lemon cakes.

Plus there's live entertainment, folks. Camille Saviola will perform live numbers presented by Upright Cabaret (tickets $24.99).

Stay tuned for further news of Rockwell, owners Wayne Elias and Chris Diamond's forthcoming 6,000-square-foot, multi-level, largely outdoor restaurant, lounge and bar that's been long in the making in the space behind and above Vermont, currently slated to open on September 18.

Vermont: 1714 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz; (323) 661-6163.

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