Yesterday the blogosphere buzzed excitedly when EaterLA reported that Mozza's Nancy Silverton would be previewing burgers at Canele from her upcoming burger joint in the Farmers Market, called Grass Burger. A few hours after the story was posted though, Carolynn Carreno, who has co-written two of Nancy's cookbooks, said that the story is absolutely positively false (she even bet her dog's life on it). But since there has yet to be official amendment, here's Carreno's statement from EaterLA's comments:

“…Nancy Silverton is not opening a burger joint in the Farmers Market. But she was, last I saw her a few hours ago, chuckling about the fact that the Internet (which she has never actually been on) is saying so. I felt partly responsible, since I'm the one who alerted the Internet sources of this event. I thought I remembered specifically choosing NOT to use the pronoun 'she' when talking about who was opening the new burger joint, because I thought it might be interpreted as Nancy, and not Amy [Pressman], with whom she is guest partnering in tonight's event–and who IS opening a burger joint. I just looked through my emails, and was glad to see that I was right. Here is the exact wording that I sent as for 'why' the event: 'To get excited about the pending opening of Amy's soon-to-be burger joint in FM (that's Farmers Market) serving all grass-fed burgers.'”

LA Weekly