Amy Lareau: Charting an Unconventional Path to Global Business Development Success

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Amy Lareau’s journey from law and business school to her remarkable achievements at Cirque du Soleil is nothing short of inspiring. Her unique and unconventional career path has led her to become a top business development professional with unique abilities, paving the way for international projects, groundbreaking show formats, and themed destinations. This feature delves into Amy’s extraordinary story, emphasizing the importance of following one’s passions and staying true to oneself.

Growing up in Quebec City, Canada, Amy initially pursued law and went to business school, but fate had other plans. Instead of opting for traditional roles at large firms like her peers, she followed her gut, taking an unexpected detour into the world of show business. This decision ultimately led her to spend a decade at Cirque du Soleil, working on a diverse range of projects and becoming an instrumental force behind the company’s branding and revenue diversification efforts.

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During her time at Cirque, Amy earned the trust of top executives and played a significant role in developing a new show format, Joya, a dinner show that proved to be a massive success in the Cancun area. This creative venture, tailored specifically for the market, led to the development of more resort destination shows, expanding the brand’s presence and influence in the entertainment industry. Amy’s innovative thinking and business acumen were also essential in creating a Cirque du Soleil waterpark concept, demonstrating her ability to develop fresh ways for fans to experience the brand.

Despite her remarkable achievements, Amy’s journey was not without its challenges. She had to become familiar with different industries, learning their financial structures, market trends, and major players to make informed decisions on potential partnerships. This entrepreneurial spirit and passion for learning new things set her apart and contributed to her success in business development.

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Along the way, Amy learned several valuable lessons that she now shares with others. She encourages people to follow their passions and trust their instincts, even if that means taking an unconventional path. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of taking a genuine interest in counterparts and their businesses, highlighting that if this doesn’t come naturally, a different career path may be a better option.

Amy’s business development expertise goes beyond her accomplishments at Cirque du Soleil. She has spent the last few years in the tech industry, applying her skills to an entirely different sector. Now, with her sights set on returning to the entertainment world, Amy plans to support brands and intellectual properties in their licensing and expansion efforts, as well as mixed-use real estate developers that incorporate entertainment and attractions.

Amy Lareau’s incredible story serves as a testament to the power of following one’s dreams, despite any obstacles. Her unique career path and exceptional abilities in business development have not only led her to great heights but have also contributed to the success of various projects and industries. With her innate talent for nurturing relationships and embracing innovation, she has made a significant impact on the world of entertainment. As she looks to the future, there is no doubt that Amy will continue to make waves in the realm of business development and beyond.

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