This could be a great opportunity for Los Angeles, the marijuana capital of America.

Turns out Amsterdam might not want your weed-smoking tourist business anymore. Associated Press reports that “the Dutch Cabinet says it will push ahead with plans to force anyone wishing to purchase marijuana at the country's weed cafes to first obtain an official pass — a move designed to curtail tourists from buying the drug.”

We'll take 'em, right L.A. pot shops?

Under the cabinet plan, Amsterdam's famed cafes will have to chose between regulars and tourists, as they'll only be able to issue 1,500 permits each.

[NSFW video]:

Bummer, dude. Besides crappy trance music, cannabis cafes are Amsterdam's number one draw, if you ask us.

But one city's loss can be another's gain.

California's medical marijuana laws would probably have to change in order to tap into this tourism gold mine. “Patients” have to have California IDs to get medical pot. (This would make hard for all but the most resourceful tourists — a.k.a. Mexicans on Alvarado Street — to get their weed on).

And you can't smoke it out in the open at a “cafe” here as far as we know.

But this could be good for business. Think about it, Tom Ammiano.


LA Weekly