If you read our interview with Library Bar and 1886 bartender Brady Weise (Part 1, Part 2), you learned that he is a man who knows his classic cocktails. While he can make you a very fine Old Fashioned, he also believes that bartenders should be innovative and develop their own cocktails.

Below, you will find Weise's recipe for Amore de Pernacchia (“pernacchia” refers to an Italian raspberry). Weise says of the cocktail: “It's an herb-forward drink, but with a raspberry and rose hip finish. The oregano shines in the nose, while the lemon verbena comes through on the front palate. Its a more savory rendition of something like a Clover Club.”

Sounds like the perfect drink to get you through a holiday weekend of spiteful family in-fighting. Or, we suppose, a happy gathering around the fireplace. Or whatever you happen to be doing this weekend.

Amore de Pernacchia

From: Brady Weise of Library Bar and 1886

6-7 Red raspberries

5-6 Leaves of fresh oregano (not dried)

5-6 Leaves of fresh lemon verbena

.75 oz of lime juice

.75 oz of agave syrup

2 oz of Hendricks gin

1. Muddle raspberries and herbs together. Add liquid ingredients and shake over ice for 6-8 seconds.

2. Pour over a large ice block, and garnish with 3 red raspberries, and a sprig of oregano.

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