No, Ammo at The Hammer isn't the poorly translated name of a Jean-Claude Van Damne movie, it's the latest L.A. museum to shack itself up with a fine dining restaurant. News came today that The Hammer Museum in Westwood will serve as the second location for Amy Sweeney's farm-to-table restaurant Ammo.

Although this Ammo will be in a smaller, café-style setting, you should expect more than the average museum lattés and tuna sandwiches. Sweeney's managing partner, Benny Bohm, assures us that the same farmers market ingredients and locally sourced items will be used at the Hammer location as at the popular Hollywood restaurant.

Currently open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, Ammo at the Hammer carries a menu stocked with pizzas, sandwiches and salads. An expansion, which includes a larger kitchen and rotating menu items, should finish in a few months.

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