Amber Mark’s Deep Dimensions: Blossoming R&B star Amber Mark will perform songs from her debut Three Dimensions Deep album at the El Rey, on a bill with Shaun Ross and Scott Dallavo. 

This writer recently spoke to Mark and she told us that, “I didn’t really start writing until my junior and senior year of high school. Then I started finishing songs and making beats, which wasn’t until after I graduated high school, probably like 2013/14.” 

She added of new album Three Dimensions Deep that, “I think I’ll never be done with an album, internally. I look back and think that I should have done this or added this. But putting that all aside, now that it’s out and everything, I’m so happy that people are connecting with it the way they are. I was nervous because there are so many different sounds on the album, and I dabble in so many different genres so I was a little nervous about that. But people seem to be responding really well, even to the songs I was nervous about. So it’s been really exciting and so gratifying. I’m happy that people are connecting with the music, especially on an emotional level. That’s the important part.”

Amber Mark’s Deep Dimensions: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 19 at the El Rey.


LA Weekly