ALWAYS Rx Compounding Pharmacy in Westwood California Combats Ozempic, Monjouro & Wegovy Shortage

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Based in Los Angeles California

What is Ozempic and what does it do?

Ozempic is an injectable medicine containing semaglutide, an analog of a naturally occurring protein in our body that helps control weight and blood sugar levels. Semaglutide has been FDA-approved for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (as Ozempic) and obesity (as Wegovy). Specifically, it lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin secretion after we eat and leads to weight loss by suppressing appetite. 

What Caused The Shortage?

Ozempic gained a wave of popularity recently after a handful of celebrities and social media personalities championed the drug for its incredible weight loss benefits. This spike in popularity put a noticeable strain on the supply chain pharmacies and many were unable to obtain it altogether.

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Who Is ALWAYS Rx Pharmacy?

ALWAYS Rx Compounding Pharmacy, introduced in 2021 by Dr. Dor Keyvani, PharmD, RPH, CNSC, is a Los Angeles-based pharmacy that specializes in weight loss and personal care.

Given its extensive distribution networks, with a mission to revolutionize how we approach personal care as something more patient-centered, prescriber-focused, and reliable by all accounts. Since its official launch, ALWAYS Rx has condensed the chaotic expanse of personal wellness by doing what others can’t: compounding and customizing care for their patients. ALWAYS Rx is one of the leading figures in weight loss management and carries many different compounded medications for this specific area of wellness.

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What’s Changed?

Healthcare is evolving, but so are the ways in which we access the most tailored solutions to the needs of our bodies. There is no one size fits all in modern medicine, yet so many practitioners apply this perspective to their patients without doing the work to isolate specific problems. Recently, a deficiency in semaglutide has swept pharmaceutical industries, including the top three names in the business, Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus. In the midst of a semaglutide scramble, few pharmacists have done the legwork to secure this drug for their patients as many facilities are facing a shortage. In turn, one of the most common hurdles that patients face is access to medications or prescriptions, thanks in large part to the gluttony of big pharma.

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Why Choose ALWAYS Rx?

Rx is leading the search and supply for Semaglutide, specifically Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus. Rx not only carries the drug in abundance, but its dedicated team of pharmacists are geared to develop and present unrivaled in-office programs for other facilities and their patients as well. This removes the guesswork and deception that has evolved from a Semaglutide shortage, as many online pharmacies are offering cheap alternatives that miss the mark entirely. Rx invites transparency and trust into their facility, supplying practitioners with the drugs they need to better serve and support their patients without cutting corners.

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Shipping to California and the rest of the USA

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