Altha Brings You Luxury Healing With the Hypno-Sound Bath

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The race to add another digit to our bank balance has put us all on a hamster wheel. We sacrifice our happiness, hobbies, and even personal life to excel in our careers and eventually end up burned out. For those struggling with a stressful lifestyle and who want to become happier and more productive in it without feeling burned out, Altha has a perfect solution. It is a place to experience wellness through sound healing. Founded and run by a certified sound healer Letizia Silvestri, Altha can help you rediscover yourself away from fear and anxiety to find happiness and live a fulfilling life.

Letizia Silvestri is the founder and Chief Healing Officer at Altha. She came up with the idea to start Altha while struggling to find a way to deal with her own problems, and now looking back, she can connect the dots. Letizia had a successful career in the luxury automotive industry with experience spanning over 18 years. She used to plan and organize high-end events for brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lucid, Bugatti, Pirelli, McLaren, and Lamborghini. Although the job allowed her to utilize her planning and creative skills, Letizia often felt overworked and fatigued. Her job gradually took a toll on her physical and mental health. To manage the stress of working in such a demanding field, Letizia started exploring healing options, which is when she learned about sound healing.

Letizia found that sound healing helped lower her stress level significantly while increasing her productivity and creativity at work. Since then, she has had sound healing sessions every week. However, the turning point in her life and career came during the pandemic when Letizia adopted Zen, a rescue dog with a troubled past of abuse and neglect. Zen suffered from anxiety and fear that led to problematic behavioral issues. After consulting several trainers and animal behavior experts, Letizia was left with two options: either put Zen on doggy Xanax or euthanize him. None of these options were acceptable to her so she decided to introduce Zen to the power of sound healing with a set of singing bowls. The process brought incredibly positive results and demonstrated soothing effects on Zen’s behavior over time. Now Zen is a happy, playful dog just the way he should be.

The positive change in Zen motivated Letizia to become a certified sound healer and spread its positivity among others who need it. Altha was born with a mission to provide a modern approach to the ancient world of sound healing. With Altha, Letizia produced a sound bath on the helipad of the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Now she is set to help people purify their lives by removing toxins from their minds like stress, anxiety, and fear. Pivoting her career when it was at its peak was a difficult decision for Letizia. However, she overcame self-doubt and critics to share the medicine of sound with people and organizations alike.

Altha is collaborating with Inara, a brand renowned for offering fragrances paired with pre-recorded meditation sounds. Altha will create its signature fragrance with Inara for aroma activation at the beginning of each sound bath. Letizia plans to introduce Altha master classes to educate people on the healing powers of sounds. She also wants to host Altha Wellness retreats both nationally and internationally and distribute healing tracks to animal rescue centers. Letizia dreams of playing a sound bath with celebrated meditation facilitators like Jay Shetty and Gabrielle Bernstein and leading a sound bath at the Hollywood Bowl. Her long-term goal is to introduce the Altha Wellness club where members can attend a bespoke wellness experience with different modalities of healing.

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