Altaqua – Providing Better Air and Better Life Through Quality HVAC Systems

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Technological advancements of the 21st century have allowed human beings to prosper in many ways. We have learned to combat any and all kinds of circumstances through rigorous effort and determination. We learned to deal with natural occurrences, national and international conflicts, as well as consequences of our own doing. Take climate change and pollution for example, the consequences of which are being seen around the world nowadays. According to the most recent State of Global Air report, air pollution has become the world’s fourth-largest risk factor for early death.

In order to tackle the impact of air pollution, technologies like air purifiers and HVAC systems are becoming more common in households and commercial usage. The use of HVAC systems is especially growing as they provide a combination of cooling, heating and ventilation processes which is used for proper air circulation inside a building by modifying and altering temperature according to the season and climate of a particular area. A fully operational HVAC system ensures that dust, smoke, allergens, irritants and other air impurities do not pollute the indoor air. The main goal of an HVAC system is to provide people with a comfortable and clean environment, which then allows them to lead their life in a happy, healthy and more productive way. Besides comfort, an HVAC system also saves energy and is less costly compared to traditionally used systems.

One company which is manufacturing high-quality HVAC systems and refrigeration machinery is Altaqua which was founded by Huachun Ke in 2008 and is headquartered at Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Altaqua is known for manufacturing grow room HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, chillers, and heat pump products for agricultural, industrial, and commercial purposes. After passing a series of stringent Intertek tests, Altaqua products are labelled ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratory) certified. This ETL certification demonstrates that the company adheres to North American safety standards. The company does not compromise on its quality and therefore implements the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. Altaqua has the stock symbol “220110” on the Guangdong Equity Exchange and the company has acquired 81 invention patents and 50 utility models.

Effective and advanced HVAC systems manufactured by Altaqua have also been very essential for hospitals since the emergence of Covid-19 as they help maintain a germ-free and clean environment and prevent the spread of the virus. Besides providing comfort to healthcare staff and patients, the HVAC system contributes to the overall well-being of a person. Similar is the case with the Hospitality industry, where Altaqua products are the preferred option for most hotels to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for their customers. The HVAC system enables hotels in providing hot sanitary water and an ideal room temperature to its guests. Altaqua’s systems benefits businesses as well as creates an environment which increases the morale of employees and also improves their level of productivity.  Different studies and researches on worker motivations and workplace behavior suggests that employees are more enticed to show up at work if their workplace is properly heated or cooled depending on the season.

In agriculture, an HVAC system can be used in various facilities such as grow rooms, greenhouses, and indoor farms. The indoor growing business is very popular these days, and Altaqua’s HVAC systems are designed for indoor environments. A good growing condition can help growers to have healthier and high-quality yields.

Altaqua has grown from a small company to a preferred company in a very short span of time. HVAC systems manufactured by Altaqua are a worthy investment for different businesses and buildings nowadays because of the quality products it provides. By monitoring the current situation around the world, it’s fair to say that the demand of HVAC systems will continue to grow at a fast rate and brands like Altaqua are on their way to becoming a household name.

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