ARGGHHH! I AM A SPACE MONSTER! I LIVE IN THE BOTTOMLESS PIT! I WANT TO SLURP THEM BRAINS OUT WITH MY LONG TONGUE! Even the meekest milquetoast or shirking violet can entertain whacked-out fantasies when entering these singular recesses. Long the favored shooting location for umpteen Westerns and sci-fi films such as The Cape Canaveral Monsters (1960) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), the Bronson Caves are as much a societal meme as the haunted house or the subway. Whether you’re fighting star creatures, enjoying the destruction of Jared-Syn or just making out with an impressionable horror-film fan, the caves are a priceless destination… EARTH HUMAN! 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park.

LA Weekly