Update: We told you so.

Latinos are really great at boycotts. As long as they don't involve beer (we're looking at you, Coors), strip clubs or sports. (But grapes — absolutely).

Therefore we don't have high hopes for the great All-Star game boycott of 2011. The annual MLB face-off is being held in Phoenix today, and you know what that means: That's right, SB 1070, the controversial Arizona law that would encourage cops to stop suspected illegals. (The big problem here is, What does a suspected illegal look like? Danny Trejo? Christina Aguilera? Charlie “Carlos Estevez” Sheen?).

You get the picture. Some civil rights types are still pissed (although the law has yet to go into full effect) and want you to boycott the game:

The Nation columnist Dave Zirin argues for a boycott, at least as far as TV-watchers are concerned. His points:

-MLB chief Bud Selig has had plenty of time to move this event.

-The majors are more than one-quarter Latino.

-Diamondback owner Ken Kendrick is a friend of some of those very SB 1070 lawmakers and that he has hosted them at Chase Field.

-Local anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio has even threatened to bring his pink-clad chain-gangs to clean up after the game (he's not).


… In the end, responsibility for this debacle rests with Selig. NFL owners, whom no one would confuse with the NAACP, threatened to pull the 1993 Super Bowl out of Arizona if the state continued to refuse to recognize Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a national holiday. Now, twenty years later, baseball's commissioner does nothing.

We'll be watching. With one eye closed.

First posted at 7:02 a.m. on July 12.


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