It's hard to believe that this is Jim Mahfood's first real solo exhibition. That's because Mahfood (aka Food One, aka DJ Food) already feels like he's everywhere all the time. Between his comics/illustration empire — which stretches from MTV's Liquid Television to an update on the Tank Girl titles to Ziggy Marley's alt-culture superhero Marijuana Man to seemingly every Comic-Con in North America — his solo and collaborative painting practice with colleagues like Chor Boogie and Jason Shawn Alexander, the cheeky body-painting and photography sessions he calls the Pervert Train, the periodic funkadelic awesomeness that is the Beat Bee Sessions podcast and his amazing knack for producing gorgeous books and hand-embellished editions, it's no wonder there hasn't been time for a gallery show. But there is time now. The show coincides with the much-anticipated publication of Mahfood's 20-year survey book, the encyclopedic and divine Visual Funk. A chronicle of all his greatest hits and fan favorites, this lifestyle manual of an art book gets its own release party Saturday at downtown's the Last Bookstore, suitably late in the afternoon to allow you to nurse your well-earned hangover. But first check out the images, people-watching, music and good times on offer as the pop-culture tribute-show emporium Hero Complex pays tribute to the complexities of our own hometown hip-hop hero. Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 S. Robertson Blvd.; Fri., Nov 15, 7-10 p.m.; continues Wed.-Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m., through Nov. 23; free. (323) 334-0035,

Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Nov. 15. Continues through Nov. 23, 2013

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