Tim Burton's film adaptation of Alice In Wonderland isn't out until next year, but if the promo photos are any indication, it's going to be the most visually arresting, luxurious Alice yet. Here's a look at how new Alice stacks up against older Alices from a fashion perspective.

1. Alice

The new Alice is played by 19 year old Mia Wasikowska. From the looks of her outfit–a slightly-longer than tea-length gown, white booties, fingerless gloves–in this photo, the film will be returning to Alice In Wonderland's Victorian roots. Her dress resembles cartoon Disney Alice's frock, but owes more in feel and attitude to Arthur Rackham's haunting, Earthy vision of Alice. Also, I just noticed this, but look how chubby cartoon Alice's calves are compared to her arms.

Also glad that Wasikowska-Alice isn't a super-blonde blonde.

2. The Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp was all but born to play this role. Or rather, it's a role he's been playing for film after film after film now. Looks like he's a redhead in Tim Burton's flick. He's also way more psychedelic and frightening than either Sir John Tenniel's imagining of the Mad Hatter or Disney's portly, nebbishy Mad Hatter (who by comparison looks like he is on his way to a congressional hearing instead of a tea party). The pink sash around the hat and pink shirt peeping out from behind the wacky cravat are a nice touch. Why does pink on guys always connote crazy? I expect we'll be seeing a lot of this on Halloween and at cosplay conventions.

3. Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Maybe it's the black and white prison stripe shirts, but Burton must have been channeling the Addams Family when he did his version of Dee and Dum. Matt Lucas plays both of them. They look menacing and slightly Mongoloid in this illustration–you wouldn't want to be running into this pair on the playground anytime soon. Disney's cartoon twins in their bright, primary color jumpers look like effete clowns by comparison. Tenniel's twins look like thugs.

4. The Red Queen

Loving the heart-shaped geisha style lipstick on Helena Bonham Carter's pasty white face. The candy apple red hair–also a nice touch. The crisp white collar winging up from the bodice of her blue velvet gown is a nifty homage to cartoon Disney Red Queen. I like that she's not decked out in head-to-toe red and that her gown isn't a giant heart card. And that she's not mannish and butch like both cartoon Disney and Tenniel's Red Queen. Women in power–especially the violent, vicious ones–are sexy these days.

5. The White Queen

There was no White Queen in Disney's animated version of Alice In Wonderland. The White Queen is a character who appeared in Lewis Carroll's sequel Though the Looking-Glass. Anne Hathaway plays her in Burton's film. She looks amazing and sort of like what every girl wishes she looked like at prom, or at her wedding. And wow, that blood red lipstick against all the white! Will her gown have those puffy white Michelin Man rings around the skirt? One can only hope.

6. Wonderland

The concept art for the world of Wonderland is just spectacular. It owes a lot to Mark Ryden. It's his jewel-toned, cool pastel, chiaroscuro color palette to a tee. Innocent with a hint of darkness, and a soupcon of psycho.

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