Alice Bag Back at Alex’s Bar: When L.A. queen of punk Alice Bag plays a show, all of L.A. should show up. Besides her classic Bags material, her solo material over the past decade has been superb. Not least 2020’s Sister Dynamite, which is a gem. The Groans and Cosmic Kitten also perform.

“I feel like, for years now, people have been saying that we already have equality,” Bag told us in 2018. “It’s now evident that we do need people to step forward and call themselves feminists. We won’t tolerate things like pussy grabbing, and the sexual harassment that is so common [that] women and men don’t even really feel like it’s an exception. It feels like it happens to everyone and nobody is doing anything about it, until now.”

“I think sometimes things have to become uncomfortable enough that it forces you to act,” she continued. “Some people are more willing to bend. They have a higher threshold for bullshit, and they’ll keep taking it on. I’m very quick to say that I’m not going to take this. I feel like I’ve been a very out, verbal feminist for a long time, but I feel like now I’m joined by a lot more people. Regardless of political affiliation, I feel like it’s bringing people together who care about human beings having equality.”

Alice Bag Back at Alex’s Bar: 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 11 at Alex’s Bar.





































































































































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