Update: “Was UCLA 'Asians in the Library' Video One Big Publicity Stunt?

Updated after the jump with PHOTO EVIDENCE of Wallace herself modeling the “ching chong” shirt for Red Cross! (Sort of.)

When UCLA student Alexandra Wallace uploaded her “Asians in the Library” rant to YouTube that fateful Sunday afternoon — blissfully unaware she was about to set a new bar for “going viral” in 24 explosive hours — we can bet she likewise didn't realize her bimbo sensibilities on Japan's devastating tsunami would actually end up funding the reverse effort to relieve it.

That's right: In place of posting an equally lame YouTube parody, one clever responder to the vid that quaked a nation nabbed the best domain name ever…

www.ohhhchingchonglinglongtingtong.com, plastered Wallace's own ridiculousness across a plain white T and put it up for sale, with all proceeds directed toward Red Cross Japan — flipping all that white-girl haterade into some meta next-level shit.

Ain't revenge sweet?

The shirts come in three designs, at $20 a pop:

And our favorite is “ching chong,” hands down. As many a YouTube dubstep remix can attest, the (highly offensive) hilarity of Wallace's original video reaches a pinnacle at her sing-song imitation of some unidentifiable Asian language, or, “Ohhh! Ching chong ling long ting tong? Ohhh!”

It's a hook even the legendary Nate Dogg (R.I.P.) wouldn't be able to resist, at 0:48:

Like all Internet memes and Charlie Sheens, we'll probably be sick to death of Alexandra Wallace by the end of the week — she's already run a sped-up digital-age pop life from the 14-year-old 4chan to the middle-aged New York Times, no doubt making stops at a few hundred thousand wet dreams on the way.

But while the “ching chong” bit still gets a rise out of us, we might as well turn our collective fascination with civilian train wrecks into something positive for a people who don't have that luxury right now. Order yours today. Now if only we could get the library queen herself to model the thing…

Update: Ask, and you shall receive. This doctored Co-Ed Magazine photo of Wallace turned up in our inbox late last night, courtesy of reader Krystina An. Thanks girl! You the best!

Credit: Co-Ed Magazine/Krystina An

Credit: Co-Ed Magazine/Krystina An

Something about this sort of just melts all the hate out of the world. We don't know about you, but we're positively tickled. (Reminding us that Photoshop can have higher purposes than attaching celebrity faces to naked bodies.)

Here's to Japan, and doing all we can to help. Get well soon.

Originally posted March 16 at 7 a.m.


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